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i'm a senior creative director & writer at narrative in los angeles, california.

i grew up in washington, d.c.  like most children, i enjoyed piano, reading, and brand storytelling. here's me at age 6 already bloviating after winning my first advertising award. it took me over 20 years to win my second one. in between, i graduated with honors from tufts university with a degree in philosophy, charted at #15 on rock radio with my band (more on that here), and fulfilled my extremely mild lifelong dream of living in canada.

these days, i still enjoy reading, piano, and brand storytelling, but i also like:

hiking with my dog, scrabble

the new york times crossword puzzle 

exploring the los angeles food scene 

cousin greg

fountains of wayne 

the 1970s 

live music 


scrabble (the board game, not the dog, but also the dog)

the movies of hal ashby 

adding new ingredients to chili every time 

making up songs in the shower 

falling in love with other people's dogs 

original episodes of "the twilight zone"

seth macfarlane, an object of my female gaze

science fiction

mission-style burritos 

the technology section in the newspaper 

"planet money"

west coast oysters 

philip roth 

mitch hedberg 


martin scorsese 


lil yachty's rock album 

shopping for sunglasses 


the golden age of broadway

aviator nation sweatsuits 

movies with insane plot twists 

lurking on reddit at 3 am


googling lyrics


orange wine

political satire 

the @shirtsthatgohard twitter account

"south park," yes, still

the short stories of richard matheson 

las vegas 

"the bachelor" franchise 

salt 'n' straw olive oil ice cream 

slowly, painfully, teaching myself acoustic guitar

extremely hot hot sauce

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