Real Canadian Superstore

Truly Super

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These days, the word 'super' is recklessly bandied about to describe everything from slightly stickier glue to slightly larger sizes, and as you can see below, everyone's over it. 

Part grocery store, part Wal-Mart, Real Canadian Superstore is a chain of stores in the bucolic Canadian prairie lands where everything is always the lowest price, guaranteed. 

So we took a stand. Parodying "Morning in America," we made "Morning in Canada," encouraging society to return to the good old days when 'super' was reserved for things that were #TRULYSUPER. Like Real Canadian Superstore.

john st.

Cher Campbell (CD)
Lia MacLeod (AD)
But how did we get here? How did 'super' become the vocal tic it is today? We provided a brief, sad history of its devolution in a timeline.
Then we turned some of the most interesting moments in 'super' history into individual social videos.
Easter Egg
We turned the romance novel from the :30 TV spot into an actual book.
Internal Assets
To galvanize enthusiasm for the campaign among employees, we turned the employee handbook into a textbook on the history of the world 'super.'
For employees at corporate headquarters, we created an 'S-Word' swear jar every time they used the word 'super.'

For store employees like cashiers and stockers, we created a # of Days Since 'Super' sign for their break room as well as tattoos to show their devotion to the dictionary definition of the word.
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