Hi! I'm Stephie Coplan. I was born and raised in Washington, DC, but was inculcated with a deep love of Canada by (inexplicably?) Canada-positive American parents. I worked at KBS+ in New York and in-house at Apple headquarters in California before surprising no one by moving to Toronto in 2017, where I'm currently a senior writer at Leo Burnett. 


Before I fell in love with advertising, I was a one-hit wonder with a single that charted on rock radio in the States for one glorious week in 2012. That's right—I am officially a footnote (!) in the annals of music history. As it turns out, songwriting and copywriting aren't so different. Just like every pop song pretty much says the same thing ("I love you," "I hate you," "let's get wasted"), every ad says, "buy this product." So when I started writing my first ads, I was already used to having x-amount of space to convey a certain message, and finding interesting new ways to say it every time.

I don't miss the music industry, but I am grateful for everything it taught me about taking initiative, public speaking/singing, and listening to feedback (from humans, not microphones).

In my free time, I enjoy writing and producing my own songs, taking care of my dog, playing board games, watching documentaries, listening to podcasts, doing crossword puzzles, and teaching at Miami Ad School. Let's be friends.




I'm down to chat about pretty much anything. Job opportunities. The industry in general. Politics. Time travel. Whatever. Hit me up. 

Here are some things I'm available for: 

  • tutoring (for people who can't afford ad school but still want to put a spec portfolio together)

  • freelance work (I have freelanced for Apple, Amazon, and more — references available upon request)

  • custom songs 

  • jingles 

For students:

  • tutoring 

  • portfolio reviews 

  • career advice 

  • interview prep

  • pep talks


© 2020 Stephie Coplan. All rights reserved, whatever that means.

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