world animal protection

wildlife donation campaigns always choose cute poster animals like koalas and kangaroos. but who's looking out for this guy? huh?

core hydration

we realized that our genzennial target was already in the habit of using our water brand, core, as a suffix (see: normcore, emocore, cottagecore, etc.)


that gave us an idea—starring academy award nominee/pop star hailee steinfeld.

no frills

the first branded rap in the history of advertising that didn't totally suck (no matter what jimmy fallon says).


why does apple make its own sweat?

do yaks eat solar panels?

can a building breathe?

we shined a spotlight on all the crazy questions the "crazy ones" at apple have to ask to achieve their crazy environmental goals.

real canadian superstore

before it was used to describe everything from slightly larger sizes to slightly stickier glue, there was a time when the word 'super' actually meant something. 

real canadian superstore, an *actually* super grocery store chain, took a stand.

for the love of god, someone had to!

shoppers drug mart

once a month, women experiencing homelessness face an impossible decision: food or tampons?

shoppers drug mart, canada's largest pharmacy, wanted to help.

the answer was hiding in plain sight.


heart & stroke foundation

are you an evil food or beverage conglomerate looking to market your extremely sugary product to children? look no further than 16 & under, canada's first ad agency that specializes in the fine art of manipulating minors.