I was born and raised in Washington, D.C. Now, I'm an ACD/writer in Toronto. A lot happened in between.


I graduated cum laude with a BA in Philosophy from Tufts University, where I founded an arts education after-school program for underserved BIPOC tweens. After being spotlighted in a best-selling book about grassroots activism, I was recruited to join the leadership team at a national education non-profit in Newark. Life was going according to plan until my band released our debut single and accidentally blew up overnight. We're not talking, like, Beyonce success, but it was enough for me to quit my job and tour full-time. Over the following two years, I peaked at #15 on rock radio, signed a management deal, played hundreds of shows, recorded dozens of songs, and even wrote for a few talented nobodies who later went on to become Top 40 pop stars. 

Or at least, that's what it looked like on Instagram. In real life, I was exhausted and smelly. As my friends started saving for retirement, couch surfing just didn't seem as cool and fun anymore. As I figured out my next move, I stumbled into my first agency as an account executive and much to my surprise, fell in love with advertising. With the help of a few friends and two ad classes at SVA, I put together a spec portfolio, began my copywriting career, and never looked back. 

The music industry conditioned me to never say "no" to an opportunity, so over the past six years, I've said "yes" to basically everything: Agencies. In-house departments. The United States. Canada. 20-person teams. 13,000-person companies. Freelancing. Full-timing. Jingle-writing. Speaking. Teaching. My work has been recognized at international award shows like Cannes and the One Show, as well as media outlets like the New York Times and BBC. But my biggest flex is just making ads that normal, human people actually like. Or at least, don't hate. I think. 

In my free time, I teach at Miami Ad School, write and produce songs, and hang out with my dog, Scrabble