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Ugly Animals

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When bushfires ravaged Australia in January 2020, koalas and kangaroos became the poster animals of the disaster. And it's easy to see why: they're cute as fuck. But what about the ugly ones? Who's looking out for them?

So we approached World Animal Protection with an idea to get people to help all animals, all around the world. Even the ugly ones.

The campaign resulted in a 202% increase in donations, the largest in the history of the charity.


2021 Communication Arts | Annual 62

2021 The One Show | Merit | Film Under 50K 

2021 LIA | Bronze TV/Cinema | Public Service/NGO/Charities Campaign

2021 LIA | Finalist | TV/Cinema - Tone of Voice

2021 Canadian Marketing Awards | Silver | Social Causes - Business Impact 


Leo Burnett


Steve Persico, ECD

Justin Tabakian, AD

Wild Postings

We put our ugly animals all over the most shallow place on earth.
No, not LA. Tinder.

We put filters on our ugly animals, turning them into way cuter ones.