The Original Donut Shop

Twitter Launch

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The Original Donut Shop has been one of Keurig's most beloved K-Cup coffee pod brands for over a decade, but they had never Tweeted. They had only gotten as far as creating a Twitter account—which didn't even come up in search results because Twitter thought it was fake. 

So, with a straight face, we made it seem like the brand had actually been Tweeting the whole time, but that our hundreds of Tweets from the past 15 years had gotten clogged on the backend due to a technical snafu that was causing them to all come out at once. 

By the end of the day, we got 23,000 organic impressions, the #1 search ranking for "coffee," and tons of new followers—including rapper JaRule. Yes, the Fyre Fest guy. 

Not bad for a brand that started the morning shadowbanned.

Liquid Sunshine

Darren Moran (CCO)
Scott Rench (ACD/AD)

We started by imagining how a confused social media manager might have Tweeted in 2006-2007, when Twitter launched.
Then came the memes.

We manually Tweeted every two minutes to simulate the robotic feel that a real tech glitch would have had.

Here are a few selections.
We created a whole other Twitter account for our fictional IT department to make updates and announcements that we retweeted.
We stayed true to the Twitter conventions that would have been available to us at the time. For example, we waited until our 2015 Tweets to do a poll, and our 2017 Tweets to increase our character count to 280.
Then, this happened.

He follows us now.
Here's the whole thing from beginning to end, in order, if you want to relive the magic again for the first time.