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Scotties is a Canadian facial tissue brand. It's the tissue for any issue. 


We created seven custom playlists for common issues. The song titles of each playlist, when read out loud in order, told a tissue-inducing story. 

When Your Night Out Falls Flat.

"Dancing On My Own"
"Who Are You?"
"Dance With Me"
"Kiss Me"
"Hot in Herre"
"Let Me Take You Home Tonight"
"Let's Make Love"
"Your Body Is a Wonderland"
"I'd Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That)"
"If I Had Only Known"
"Put Your Clothes Back On"
"Gotta Get Out"
"Guess I'll Be Going"
"Last Kiss"
"Alone Again (Naturally)"
"How Did This Happen?"
"Oh What a Night" 

When You Catch A...A...Achoo!

"Vaccination Scar"

"Patient Zero"



"Let Me Clear My Throat"

"Cough Syrup"





"Sick Day"

"Sleep All Day"

"S-N (Snore, Sniff, and Sneeze)"


"Cold Sweat"


"Fever Dream"



"Get Over It"

Spotify Radio.

All the Reasons :30 - Scotties
More Reasons :30 - Scotties


We created the Scotties Tissue Box Rating System, which prepared people for how many boxes of tissues they're likely to need for a particular issue by giving it a rating. 

Agency: john st.

CD: Stephen Jurisic

AD: Marilyn-Rose Maitland, Lia MacLeod

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