Before I entered the strange world of advertising, I was in the even stranger world of music. My band, Stephie Coplan and the Pedestrians, achieved modest success with our 2012 single, "JERK!" We charted at #15 on rock radio, which allowed me to quit my day job and tour the country for two years.



I eventually stopped touring, at which point I signed a management deal and started writing pop songs for other artists. I was in the process of trying to land a publishing deal when I found out what copywriting was and immediately got out of the music industry. 

Nowadays, I write songs on commission. Yes, I do Bar Mitzvahs!


Here's a song I wrote, recorded, mixed, and produced to help author Marc Hartzman promote the launch of his historical fiction novel, The Embalmed Head of Oliver Cromwell: A Memoir. It got a shoutout on Huffington Post.

Here are some songs I've written, recorded, mixed, and produced for fun in my home studio.

Why Don't You Love Me?Stephie Coplan
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Planet of Broken HeartsStephie Coplan
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Look What You Made My Heart-Shaped Box DoStephie Coplan/Taylor Swift/Nirvana
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