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No Frills is a downmarket grocery store chain in Canada, like Aldi's in the States. I realized that the brand had borrowed its design aesthetic from the world of hip-hop albums and music videos but hadn't actually released any music. Obviously, that had to change. 

So I wrote, recorded, played, sang, produced, mixed, and mastered 11 demos about the thrills of #hauling. It was my last project before I left my agency and I didn't know if it would ever see the light of day. But it did! A year and a half later! Patience, grasshopper. 

The album is now in rotation on the overhead speakers at all No Frills locations across Canada. 

I've included the other campaign assets (video, cover art, the final tracks, etc.) that were created after I left for context.


For the superfans out there, here's the demo version I did in my apartment about a year and a half before the final version came out. "Franchisees Are Haulers Too" ended up on the final album as "Call Us By Our Names."

When people texted the number to download the album, they also signed up for flyers and discounts.

People loved it.

Vinylheads on Reddit were especially into it.



ECD: Cher Campbell

ACD: Caroline Friesen, Robbie Percy