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No Frills is a downmarket grocery store chain in Canada, like Aldi's in the States. The brand had borrowed its design aesthetic from the world of hip-hop albums and music videos but hadn't actually released any music. I decided that had to change.

So I wrote, recorded, played, sang, produced, mixed, and mastered 11 demos. It was my last project before I left my agency and I didn't know if it would ever see the light of day. But it did! A year and a half later! Patience, grasshopper.

Even though only one of my songs ended up on the final album, I'm including the other campaign assets that were created without me for context. 

"The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" (June 7, 2021)
2021 Canadian Marketing Awards | Bronze | Retail - Business Impact
2021 Marketing Awards | Bronze
2021 Advertising & Design Club of Canada | The Michael O'Reilly Award: Best Copywriting (Digital)
2021 Advertising & Design Club of Canada | Bronze | Branded Content
Entertainment Tonight Canada
Ad Age
The Toronto Sun
Muse By Clio

john st

Cher Campbell (ECD)
Caroline Friesen (ACD/AD)
Robbie Percy (ACD/Writer)
Hannah Lee (Design)
SNDWRX (Audio)
Didier Tovel (Composer)
and many more
This was made after I left the agency.

Final Album

My Demos